Are you somebody who no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, you still feeling gassy and bloated? Are you wondering why this is happening and why you can’t figure it out? Maybe you are exercising regularly and still having weight gain. It doesn’t matter what you do you’re just not seeing results.

You’re probably frustrated and searching for answers.

In my practice, what I’ve seen is that so many women are in a state of fight or flight. We have two sides to our nervous system. We have the sympathetic side, which is our fight and flight and we have our rest and digest side. If we’re always in a state of fight or flight it’s like a tiger is running after us. This tiger can be getting your kids to school on time, a fight with your boss, trying to keep up with your busy schedule, running your household, and the list goes on. When all of this is going on the rest and digest side of our nervous system is nowhere to be found.

I experienced this state when I was working, going to school, and was exercising like crazy. My stomach killed me no matter what I was eating or not eating. One day, I realized my stomach is killing because I am constantly running from that tiger. I never stopped, never slowed down, and never allowed my body to rest. By resting my system, my hormonal system was able to stop and use the hormones in my body appropriately so I could get rid of that inflammation. My body could actually use the nutrients in my food to produce happy hormones in my brain.

The magic is in the recovery! If you never stop, eventually you’re going to break. Imagine a plane. It flies for a distance, but can only go so far before you have to stop and refuel. At Battle Born Health, we have a program where we can help you identify the specific triggers in your life that are sending you into automatic fight or flight. We can help you get to a point where your body can rest and digest. We evaluate your nutrition and use coaching techniques to support strategies to help you to get your body back into balance.

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