Horizon – Taking Functional Medicine from a Program to a Lifestyle

Let’s continue your health journey, together!

Horizon is a very special group for either Equilibrium or Fueled to Thrive alumni. Led by Danielle, this group aims to build on the progress gained and cement lifestyle changes for optimal health into the far future! The Horizon group focuses on accountability and support as alumni continue their health journey. You can join at any time as long as you have already done Equilibrium or Fueled to Thrive, and you can pause anytime as well.

Benefits of Horizon:

  • Group calls 2 times a month

  • Continuation of group accountability and support

  • 24 hour access to chat feature

  • Help with establishing “normal” eating after an elimination diet or detox

  • Exercise and movement plans

  • Nutrition and recipes

  • New content weekly

  • Lifetime access to all program readings, audio files, videos, and workbooks

I’m an Alumni and want to learn more!

Why should I join the Horizon Group?

The truth is, health is a continuous road. You are never really “done”, you have to work at it every day. The Horizon Group gives alumni of Danielle’s Functional Medicine programs the opportunity to build on the knowledge and lifestyle changes they have started with the continued accountability and support of their peers. The 12 weeks is a terrific springboard toward your goals, but the ongoing education, meal plans, exercise and movement plans, and bi-monthly calls will take your efforts from a program to a lifestyle. And there is no long-term commitment. Maybe you just need those additional tools and reinforcement for two months; or maybe you participate in Horizon for three months, take a break, and come back for additional support around the holidays. It is your health journey, there is no cookie-cutter way to do it. The important thing is that you set yourself up to be stronger than yesterday.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s continue, together.