Helpful Exercises

There are great exercises you can do at home to strengthen and stretch muscles and joints. If you are working legs, arms, upper body and more, we can offer suggestions of at-home exercises that help with the following:


If you find that you don’t have enough time to fit these in, we can offer suggestions on working them into your schedule. You will find that you get to your physical therapy goals much quicker and your rehab will be much more effective. We have your best interests in mind and together we can work your office visits with you at home exercises to effectively and quickly bring you back to full health.

Rehabilitation Videos

Ankle Mobility

Arrow Pull

Back Body Breathing

Banded Knee Letdowns

Bird Dogs

Chin Tuck Progression


Clams Reversed

CORE – Not Just Your Abs!

Cross Body Functional Movement

Doorway External Rotation

Down Dog

Foam Roller Exercises to Open Up Your Thoracic Spine

Foam Roller Exercises to Rehab Your Lower Body

Foam Roller Exercises for Sore Quads

Foam Roller Exercises for Glutes and IT Band

Foot Exercise

Front Body Breathing

Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust

Head on Body Rotation

Lacrosse Ball for Sore Shoulders and Chest

Lacrosse Ball to Help Mobility

Lacrosse Ball to Relieve Trigger Points in the Glutes

Lumbar Stabilization

Muscle Energy Technique for Your SI Joint

Pealing Bridge

Pelvic Rotation for Pelvic and Lumbar Stability

Prone I’s

Prone W’s

Prone Y’s

Reverse Pattern Squat

Short Foot

Sideline Shoulder External Rotation

Side-lying Breathing

Supine Chin Tuck