Reno’s Premiere Physical Therapy Clinic and Functional Medicine Practice

We help patients reach their goals
to be stronger than yesterday.

Battle Born Health is a comprehensive physical therapy clinic and functional medicine practice that looks at the whole patient.
Our physical therapists listen to your concerns and health goals to create programs and treatment plans that help our patients achieve total body healing and improvement.

Our Story

Our founder, Reno physical therapist, Danielle Litoff is a highly-trained physical therapist and functional medicine health coach. Danielle built Battle Born Health on the principles of modern, proven medicine delivered with a timeless commitment to patient care and one-on-one relationships.

She and her staff develop custom treatment plans with each patient’s goals and abilities in mind. Battle Born Health is committed to a treatment model that allows us to work with patients to discover the root causes of their injuries and pain, and to treat them thoroughly with the goal of regaining full function. We don’t shy away from the hard work that’s required for successful physical therapy, and we encourage and support our patients in their equal dedication to their recovery and rehabilitation.

About Battle Born Health

Why Come to Battle Born Health?

We treat patients who are excited to get better and improve their health.

Our patients want to reach their goals no matter what it takes. They want to be accountable and responsible. They are looking for guidance and a plan.

Battle Born Health provides a space for excellent therapists to provide unique, quality services that treat the whole patient and get them to their health or recovery goals.

Unlike other physical therapy clinics and functional medicine practices in Reno, Battle Born Health:

  • Is whole-patient focused, not just injury-focused;
  • Offers specialty physical therapy treatment and programs, not just injury physical therapy;
  • Creates comprehensive functional medicine programs for individuals, not a one-size-fits all regimen;
  • Offers education for long-term success, not just in-office treatments;
  • Listens to health goals, rather than dictate a solution.

We look forward to getting to know you and learning how we can help you hit your goals to be stronger than yesterday.