Improve Your Golf Game with Golf Performance Packages

Golf is a lifelong sport. So whether you are just starting out or a veteran of the green, there is always room to improve your game. One of the major ways golfers can increase performance is by working on their body mechanics, specifically those that power their swing.

Dr. Nicole Lopes, DPT is an avid golfer and certified by the Titleist Performance Institute with her Level 1 in golf mechanics. She is passionate about working with golfers to improve their swing and their overall game. Nicole works with golfers at all aptitudes, from patients who want to get to that next level of power and play, to those who injured their shoulder with a bad swing and need to rehab and retrain those muscles to move properly.

In order to best serve our golfing patients, Battle Born Health offers a Golf Performance Package that includes assessment, comprehensive training program, retaining movement patterns, and ongoing optimization.

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How It Works

Nicole starts with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen, which is a series of 16 tests and movement analyses that help her identify areas of concern. These could be mobility limitations, weakness, or balance deficits.

Based on deficits and limitations identified in the TPI screen, she will develop a comprehensive physical therapy plan for you, including a variety of manual therapy techniques, advanced strengthening, and dynamic stabilization drills. Nicole will work one-on-one with you to optimize your movement patterns and maximize the efficiency of your swing. No PT assistants at BBH – you work with your physical therapist the whole time.

Your package includes 10 one-on-one visits with Dr. Nicole Lopes, DPT. Here is what to anticipate as your visits progress.

  • Visit 1:

    Initial golf evaluation including TPI screen, subjective interview, and development of treatment plan.

  • Visits 2-4:

    Comprehensive treatment to address limitations found in your initial screen and swing analysis, as well as any pain or injuries that may be affecting your game.

  • Visits 5-6:

    Retraining movement patterns and breaking bad habits in your golf swing to ensure long lasting improvements on the course.

  • Visits 7-10:

    Monthly or bimonthly check-ins to re-evaluate your body and swing so that we continue to optimize your performance and increase your efficiency and power in your swing.

What is Included?

While our golf training programs are customized based on each athlete and their goals, you can expect a combination of:

  • Mobility and flexibility exercises to allow for efficient swing mechanics
  • Stability drills to improve your lower body and core
  • Reduce or eliminate any back, shoulder or knee pain
  • Strength training to maximize your distance and decrease risk of injury
  • Power drills to develop explosive swing mechanics
  • Endurance training to maintain consistent performance over the course of a round and season

Results to Expect

If your goals are to increase your distance, improve your consistency, and shoot lower scores, this program can benefit you.

If you have an active injury or condition, we can manage it and help you heal, while also working on your golf performance so that you can get back on the course better and stronger than ever!

Nicole will reassess the TPI screen every few visits to track your progress and continue to update your program based on your specific results.

Also, we love a team approach! Nicole is happy to communicate with your golf professional or coach so that we are all aligned and working towards your specific goals.

Take Action Now!

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“I could not do yoga for the past couple years...Until Sarah. Every time I come see Sarah at Battle Born I can do more and more.”

Jana B.

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