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Travel Tips to Avoid Injury

Traveling comes with lots of opportunities for injury. You are carrying extra weight, lifting heavy suitcases, twisting bags in and out of cars and overhead bins, sitting for long periods of time, sleeping upright… the possibilities for a crick in the neck or a strained back are endless. And “hurt” is the worst way to spend your vacation. Here are some travel tips to keep weight evenly distributed and help you avoid injury. How to Wear a Heavy Backpack If you have a backpacking trip coming up, it is so important that you have a backpack that allows you [...]

Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy Support

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Some throw up for a month (or nine), some have sciatica pain, and some have never felt better. Taking care of pregnant patients should be as individualized as the women themselves. That’s why at Battle Born Health, we take a very personalized approach to pregnancy and postpartum care. Physical Therapy for Pregnant Patients Whether you want to continue to workout safely throughout your pregnancy or are suffering with back pain, hip pain, or sciatica, our physical therapists are specially trained in caring for pregnant patients throughout their gestation. Taking care of yourself in pregnancy [...]

Recognizing and Correcting Swimmer’s Posture in Youth Athletes

Swimming is an amazing sport. It works the entire body, incorporates strength and cardio, and demands endurance. However, there are drawbacks to overtraining, especially in young swimmers who are still growing. Swimming is a volume-based sport, meaning that you do 40 laps and then 80 and then 100 and then 200, and on and on. While this will increase strength and endurance, it can also overwork muscles, particularly the pectoral and shoulder muscles. If these pec muscles get tight while a kid is growing, they will pull in and round the shoulders, causing the shoulder blades to get drawn [...]

Meal Prepping with Protein

We are all busy. Between work, getting the kids to all their activities, taking care of the house, trying to work out, and eventually decompress at night, the last thing you want to think about is “what’s for dinner.” Or better yet, “what’s for lunch” since it is common for this meal to be an afterthought, and when you have a protein-packed lunch, you are much less likely to reach for that 3pm sugary or caffeine-filled drink. This is why meal prep is so essential for women with busy lives. But not all meal prep is created equal. Mindful [...]

The Big Six Lifts: Foundations of Strength Training

The Big Six Lifts encompass all of the most fundamental building blocks of strength training. They are compound movements that will help us in life and they can transform your body and improve overall health. In this article, we will explain the Big Six Lifts, explore examples of each, and discuss why they are crucial for a well-rounded strength training routine. Additionally, we'll highlight the profound impact strength training has on overall health and fitness. Why are the Big Six Lifts Important for Strength Training? Full-Body Engagement The Big Six Lifts are compound exercises, meaning they involve multiple [...]

Women and Protein: The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

Women need to be eating more protein. Culturally in the U.S., women have been taught to eat salads and veggies and to restrict calories to lose or maintain weight, especially as we get older. Women have also been taught that building muscle will make you look “bulky”, when in fact, it makes you strong and prevents diseases like osteoporosis as we hit perimenopause and menopause. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of muscles, and women, across the board, are not getting enough protein. So, let’s change that! Don’t be Afraid of Getting Strong Women tend to get [...]

Smart Snacking: The Power of Protein-Packed, Natural Grab-and-Go Options

In our fast-paced world, the demand for quick and convenient snacks has never been higher. Whether you're rushing to a meeting, hitting the gym, or simply need a pick-me-up between meals, grab-and-go snacks are a lifesaver. However, not all snacks are created equal. Choosing options that are high in protein, balanced, and minimally processed can make a significant difference in your overall health and well-being. Favorite Snack Combos It is important when you have a snack to think about it as a “mini meal”, meaning it should be balanced and give you enough satiation so you feel full and [...]

The Power of Dynamic Warmups: Strengthening Your Muscles and Enhancing Performance

As physical therapists in Reno, we've seen many fitness enthusiasts and athletes make the same mistake time and time again: they stretch rigorously before their workouts. It's a common belief that static stretching is the ideal way to prepare the body for physical activity. However, recent research and clinical experience have demonstrated that dynamic warmups are not only more effective but can also make your muscles stronger. In this blog, we’ll explain why dynamic warmups are superior to static stretching and provide examples of dynamic warmup exercises that will help you elevate your performance. The Downside of Static Stretching [...]

Delicious and Whole Health Soups for Fall

As a Functional Medicine health coaching practice, we use principles and recipes from the GAPS diet, which is an elimination diet that involves cutting out grains, pasteurized dairy, starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or satiation! Here are three recipes for delicious, whole health soups perfect for fall that will make you feel full and nourish your gut and body. Tomato Soup One of our favorite recipes from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook is this recipe for tomato soup. It is quick and delicious! And I like to add a can [...]

The Foundation of Foot Health: Core Stability and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that can be debilitating and impact your daily life. Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance, a busy professional on your feet all day, or simply someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, plantar fasciitis is a condition that can really slow you down. Fortunately, there is something you can do to avoid getting the condition or alleviate symptoms: work on your core stability. What is Plantar Fasciitis? Before diving into the importance of core stability, let's take a moment to understand what plantar fasciitis is. It's a common condition characterized by [...]

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