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6 Tips to Stay Healthy and Not Gain Weight During the Holidays

It’s that most glorious time of year, the holidays! But if you are a woman living on planet Earth, all that joy does not “just happen” - there is a lot we do as moms, wives, sisters and friends to bring the sparkle. And sometimes that added stress feels a little bit better while enjoying one of the cookies we’ve made (or bought and put on a plate). Stress (good and bad) combined with foods we do not usually eat can be a recipe for weight gain over the holidays. So here are six tips to help keep you [...]

How to Avoid Injury this Ski Season

It is no secret that the Reno-Tahoe area has some of the best skiing in the country. With 16 resorts just up the hill from Reno, there is a run for every skill level. Not to mention all the backcountry skiing opportunities in our area. While skiing can result in a host of injuries, the most common ones we see are knee ligament sprains and tears and lumbar strain. Just the general motion of skiing puts a lot of stress on your knees. The ACL and MCL are the most at risk for injury when there is a great [...]

Understand Why You Feel Crappy and How to Feel Better, For Good!

Many women come through the doors of Battle Born Health feeling just generally crappy. They have been struggling with feeling wired and tired and experiencing symptoms like weight gain or trouble losing weight, excess fatigue, no sex drive, and a gut that is a mess no matter what they eat. And the worst part is they have been to every GI doc, taken every supplement, tried multiple diets only to have no results or be misdiagnosed with perimenopause, general stress, thyroid issues, etc. I see a lot of misdiagnosed women who just feel like crap. They know they do [...]

How to Help Your High School Athlete Avoid Chronic Injury

In a previous article, I talked about recognizing growing pains in your young athlete. But when kids are growing and playing their sport, they could be faced with a chronic injury. So how do you tell the difference?Growing Pains vs. InjuryGrowing pains should be short in duration and not necessarily in tandem with the volume of sport your kid is playing. Your athlete could have a growth spurt during their season, and while we can’t predict growth spurts, we can anticipate them. Most kids get a little pooch or “spare tire” around the middle and then they shoot up. Feet [...]

I Work Out All the Time – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Six Reasons Women Struggle to Lose Weight You hit the gym or do a workout at least four times a week and still you are not seeing the results you want. Many women struggle with this exact problem. But working out does not automatically equal weight loss. There are many factors that determine weight loss, like changing hormones and lifestyle habits, such as sleep, that have a lot to do with that number on the scale going up or down. Six Reasons Women Struggle to Lose Weight There are six main reasons I see women struggle to lose weight, [...]

Don’t Ignore “Growing Pains” in Young Athletes

When my kids were little and acting strange or cranky, my husband and I would look at each other and joke, “Growth spurt.” And while it would be a cover-all when we did not have an answer for the change in behavior, we were not far off. From birth through puberty the human body goes through massive growth and changes – more than any other time in life. That rapid growth puts strain and pressure on joints, ligaments, bones and muscle to all grow and develop, and most times, they don’t all grow at the same rate. This can [...]

Do Detox Cleanses Actually Work?

Do detox cleanses work? I get this question a lot and it seems there is a new fad cleanse every week. The point of a detox is to clean out the junk in your body, but they only work if you don’t bring it back in. A detox works as a kick-start to clear toxins, but if you go back to old habits, you will go right back to where you were, or possibly be worse off. Detoxes should be the start of a new behavior and lifestyle change. There are detoxes that are limited and designed to give [...]

Triathlon Training – Train Smarter, Not Harder

Triathlon competitors like a challenge. Some have run in several marathons and are ready to push their body in different ways, or have competed before and want to beat a personal record. Some are first-timers and have set a bucket list or health goal to compete in a triathlon. Regardless of the level of experience, you want to train smarter, not harder when it comes to getting ready to compete in a triathlon. Common Training Mistakes The biggest training mistake I see with first-time competitors is they go out too hard and too fast. They are excited and want [...]

The 5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self Now That My Daughter is Going to College

Hindsight. It gives us great perspective once we can step out of the thick of a situation and reexamine. Now that my oldest daughter, Hanna, is heading off to college in the fall, I can reflect on what I would have told my younger self when my daughter was still playing with Barbies and taking naps: You don’t have to do it all right now. When I was in my late 30s and my girls were little, I was stressed and the definition of “wired and tired”. I was doing too much and really burning myself out. I was [...]

Get the Right Amount of Physical Therapy for Your Injury

Step right up, folks! We can get you better in six visits or less! Step right up! If this sounds absurd to you, it should. But it is the constraint many of our patients face from insurance limitations. Insurance companies are not medical professionals, and it is up to you and your physical therapist what your treatment plan should be. Sometimes you may have a minor injury and see significant improvement in four visits, but more often than not, physical therapy is a long game and we cannot always get the full results we want in six visits. By [...]

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