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But don’t take our word for it. See the testimonials from satisfied patients who have had great results, whether they were healing from surgery or injury, or our physical therapists helped them achieve a health, wellness, or strength goal. We always want a reputation of being the best physical therapists and we love to see positive results in our patients.


“Hi Danielle !! thanks for checking on me ? I have 0 pain. everything related to the TMJ is gone. you’re amazing at what you do. I can’t thank you enough. I suffered for 2 years & 2 sessions with you saved me. I wish I woulda found you sooner !! hopefully my pain is gone forever also I am still doing my exercises. Thank you so very much Kristal G.”

— Kristal G.
“I just want to say what a fabulous experience it was to have Danielle Litoff as my physical therapist. I learned so much and truly believe my recovery was so speedy because of her amazing knowledge. Note to everyone: listen to what she says and do the exercises she gives you.”
— Andy H.
“When I first saw Dani nearly 4 years ago I was a mess. At 28 my back had given out, I could barely bend at the hips and my core would seize up every time I tried to run. I was in constant pain and was unable to pursue my passion of being a rugby referee. In the first two years Dani was able to get me back running but was also astute to know there were other problems and referred me to a doctor for an abdominal ultrasound. One surgery and two years later of her perfectly tailored physical and manual therapy, I am in the best shape of my life while performing at the top levels as a rugby referee in the United States. Working with her through recovery has been amazing because she takes a holist approach to wellness and is more than a physical therapist. My recovery has included consultation about nutrition, massage, deep tissue work and manual therapy. She was always willing to connect me to academic resources, tweak my exercises and adjust treatment as I progressed. She would even adjust to my rigorous workout and competition schedule. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done. It has been a long road but I would recommend her to anyone. I definitely know why she has earned the title, “Muscle Whisperer.”
— Lee B.
“I had to share this: I was able to run four miles under a 10min/mile pace today. Thank you to you and your team! Three months ago I was worried I might not run again and today I feel like I crushed it. Thanks again!”
— Adam S.
“I had foot surgery and had several questions for my post op. appointment. My surgeon was not able to answer my questions. Not only was Danielle able to answer my questions, she was able to provide me with the care and exercises that helped me heal in a faster and more functional way. Her work with me helped me heal, much sooner than was expected so that I’m able to stand and teach all day. And the best part, I’m back in my cute shoes. I’m so happy with my progress.”
— Kathleen M.
“I suffered chronic IT band issues that would receive “temporary band-aid” solutions to get me through the race I was currently training for, but would never go away completely and require time off running for periods of time. Then I walked into Danielle’s practice where she observed, listened, and spent the time figuring out the root cause that was contributing to the on-going IT pain. She presented a clear understanding of my body’s movement, treated the issue, and provided valuable take-home strategy to keep me running (literally) into the future without issues. Years later I am still running without IT band issue and she remains my ‘go-to’ person to treat other competitive sport related ailments common in triathlon and an active lifestyle. Danielle Litoff is a brilliant physical therapist and my “go-to” specialist when I push my body to its limit and need the expertise and treatment my body requires as a competitive triathlete. In treating what used to be chronic IT band issues, a shoulder injury from a bicycle race crash, and the occasional sport-related “hot spot”, she is an out-of-the box thinker that takes the time to fully diagnose, educate, and treat the underlying issues using both traditional and creative PT solutions.”
— Amanda M.
“When I am hurting, I always come back to Battle Born because I know Danielle can fix the problem.”
— Stephanie G.
“I could not do yoga for the past couple years…Until Sarah. Every time I come see Sarah at Battle Born I can do more and more.”
— Jana B.