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Functional medicine is a very individualized and personalized approach to medicine with a very strong focus on the root cause versus symptomology. Battle Born Health in Reno, NV use this approach to help with preventing and treating chronic disease and physical ailments. This is one of the biggest health problems we face today. We believe this is the future of medicine and is different than more conventional methods of treating medical concerns. Functional medicine focuses on the prevention of medical issues before they happen. To learn more, give our team at Battle Born Health a call today. We can be reached at 775-747-2278.

Functional Medicine Doctor at Battle Born Health in Reno, NV

Our Approach

Once we have a better idea of what may be causing your health issue, we determine a plan to fully restore function. By working methodically and peeling back any layers of your health problem, our goal is to focus on and correct the factors that are causing the dysfunction.

If you’d like to explore how functional medicine can help with your health and wellness, contact our office in Reno, NV to setup a consultation.

Fueled to Thrive
Customized Functional Medicine

Fueled to Thrive is the Functional Medicine program at Battle Born Health. This 16-week course takes participants from wired and tired to balanced and strong.

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to health and chronic disease management. Functional medicine health coaches look to understand the root of what is making their patients sick so they can determine what is the cause, not just treat the symptoms. By looking at the whole patient, Dr. Danielle Litoff, DPT has created a step-by-step, personalized and effective program that is specific to the individual patient and their health goals.

At each phase of the program, you will be provided with readings, worksheets, audio tracks, and one-on-one coaching. When you request a consultation, Danielle will meet with you to determine your struggles with health and wellness, what you want to achieve at the end of the 16-weeks, and explain to you the commitment required to see results.

How the Functional Medicine
Program Works

At the beginning of the program, we need to get to know you and your environment. We do this by taking a detailed history of your current condition, past health issues, and factors of genetics and family health history. We also take stock of your environment. This can be mental and physical stressors, allergies, toxins, medications, or supplements.

All of the information you provide is compiled into a matrix that identifies your common symptoms, events, and diseases. These are categorized to help identify related events and exposures and highlight the most severe or concerning. These inputs will allow us to create a timeline of all the factors and when the symptoms appeared or got worse.

Once we have a clear picture of your family history, health history, and environmental influences, we can see the factors that are contributing to the entire load on your system. This informs your individual plan in the program and how best to eliminate toxins, recover from trauma, resolve inflammation, and improve your body’s natural repair and healing for optimal wellness and disease prevention.

At this point, Danielle will recommend customized testing bases on your symptoms and needs. These could include blood or hormone testing, or genetic testing for biomarkers. It will all depend on your individual path to wellness and what we need to better understand or uncover to treat you as the whole person.

What to Expect Over the 16 Weeks
of Fueled to Thrive

Fueled to Thrive incorporates patient education. In the first several weeks, you will learn how to identify whole foods and how gluten and processed foods are culprits in feeling crappy. Danielle will work with you on a detox plan, possible supplement support, and help you develop clean eating habits that are right for your body, lifestyle and goals.

From here, we move into hormones and how much they play a role in the physical and mental health of women. Danielle will determine what and if testing of hormones would be beneficial based on your symptoms and health intake information.

Next we discuss movement because it is a big part of feeling better and gaining strength. So often patients who seek out functional medicine are either unable to move like they want because of pain or fatigue, or they move too much resulting in over exercising and not giving their bodies a chance to heal. Fueled to Thrive helps you find the “goldilocks zone” where you have the exact right amount of movement to feel your best.

Other weeks cover sleep, recovery and mindset. Depending on your individual needs, you may spend three weeks working with Danielle on sleep, or you may spend extra time on recovery because you have been over exercising.

The 16 weeks is not cookie-cutter – it is a guide to feeling better and it will be customized based on your individual health journey.

If you are ready to take the next step and get to the root of what is causing your chronic health issues or overall feeling of depletion, schedule your consultation today. We can’t wait to help you be stronger than yesterday!

“When I am hurting, I always come back to Battle Born because I know Danielle can fix the problem.”

Stephanie G.

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