Are You a Candidate for Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine patients are tired of feeling like crap and willing to make the lifestyle changes to improve their health.

Are you feeling wired and tired? Are you having trouble losing weight or keep gaining weight for no reason? Is your gut a mess no matter what you eat? Do you feel excessively fatigued? Is your sex drive nonexistent? Have you done every diet, taken every supplement, been to every GI doctor with no change or relief?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to consider functional medicine.

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Are You a Candidate for Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine looks at the whole person, not just their symptoms. It is a patient-centered approach to health and chronic disease management that focuses on nutrition, hormones, supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes to repair or eliminate the root cause so that the symptoms, too, are remedied.

Candidates for Battle Born Health’s 16-week functional medicine program are willing to commit to the changes that may be required of them to get to a place of health and energy once again. While the journey is different for everyone, most often the source of the symptoms lies somewhere in your gut or with a hormone imbalance, most often an adrenal deficiency. Getting these things in balance requires changes to eating and drinking habits and making time to take care of your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health.

Those who do commit to the 16-week program and the lifestyle changes see tremendous results. They finally get to know the source of their issues rather than being misdiagnosed with things like menopause, a slowing metabolism, or IBS. The program improves their health dramatically and gives them the tools to keep and maintain the changes long after the 16 weeks are complete.

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Why Work with Danielle as Your Functional Medicine Health Coach?

Dr. Danielle Litoff, DPT knows what a functional medicine candidate looks like because she was one.

Her journey to functional medicine health coach is rooted in personal experience. She is an expert functional medicine health coach not only because she is certified and a doctor of physical therapy, but because she knows what it’s like to be in your shoes. She takes the time to listen to her patients and really understand their health history. Her 16-week program includes nutritional guidelines and support, exercise and movement plans, bi-monthly check in calls, supplement recommendations, and accountability metrics.

If you’re tired of being tired and feeling crappy, reach out today for a free consultation and introduction to our 16-week functional medicine program. We look forward to helping you be stronger than yesterday.

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