Patient's Corner: Finding Right Physical Therapist for Chronic Pain

For anyone who suffers from chronic pain, the journey to finding proper treatment and relief can feel hopeless at some points. With a modern medical system set up for “quick-fixes” and medication to numb pain, it can be difficult to find the right doctors and physical therapists to work with.

Like millions of Americans with disabilities, I have suffered from chronic pain for more than half of my life.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually realized how much the pain affected my life and started seeking more comprehensive treatments that could restore mobility in my back.

Since being diagnosed with severe scoliosis at the age of 13, I thought life was always going to be this way—painful, uncomfortable, and full of ups and downs.

Due to my abnormal curvature, the left side of my back felt permanently bruised and my shoulders ached on a daily basis. I visited doctor after doctor, and none of them had a reason for my pain. Medical bills started to add up, and I became complacent with ever making improvements. I would smile on the outside, and be in so much pain, that I would collapse at the end of the day.

After years of suffering like this, I started to believe that it would never get better.

One day, as I sat at my desk in pain and almost in tears, my co-worker suggested visiting Battle Born Health. As a former patient of them, she explained that their treatments could really help me.

At first, I was hesitant to have a new doctor look at my back. Usually, I would leave these appointments feeling in more pain and worse off than when I started. Because I spent a huge amount of my life “hiding” my curve, it also made me self-conscious to have someone look at my back and see all of the abnormal curvatures.

Working with Battle Born Health, I instantly felt comfortable with their approach to physical therapy. Everything they did was in moderation, so that I didn’t leave my sessions feeling in more pain from the treatment.

Here’s some questions you can ask when looking for a physical therapist:

  1. What’s their philosophy on treatments?
  2. Do you feel comfortable with them?
  3. Do they provide exercises to do at home?
  4. Are you able to communicate with them and ask questions?

When looking for a physical therapist, make sure you feel comfortable and ask important questions during the consultation. This can help you find the right fit and put you on the journey to living a pain-free life.

This post was written by Allyson Lambert, a patient at Battle Born Health. All statements and reviews are from her own opinions and experience.