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The Myth of it Being Easy and Having It All

17 extraordinarily simple tips for families on the go, that you have never heard of, your kids will love and make your family healthier than ever before!

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The Myth of it Being Easy and Having It All: by Danielle Litoff, a MOM

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At the beginning of the year my business partner, our social media expert advisor, and I were planning our upcoming blogs for the next few months.

You know – starting the year healthy, new year’s resolution…blah blah blah. My non-mom partners (no offense meant, they are amazing!!!) said, “Danielle how about a blog listing simple tricks on how to be healthy for your family on the go. I said, in my people pleasing way, “Of course I can do that!”

I then proceeded to sit on that for a few weeks. I wrote down ways I try to keep my crazy busy family healthy, active and eating well, despite school, homework, sports, choir, social events and both parents working full time. Sure, this is a piece of cake – everyone can do this… I call BS!! I just couldn’t write the piece as we had discussed because it isn’t easy, and those “simple tips” aren’t so simple.

A few days later I was lamenting to my Mom friends who are all successful, amazing, health care professionals. I told them my dilemma and they all laughed and said, “You mean the “myth of doing it all, dressed to the 9’s with a F’in sexy smile???”

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With that preface, here is what I do to tip the scales towards keeping my family healthy on the go in this insane world of 2017.

Set YOUR priorities… are they to work out? Are they to eat home cooked paleo meals? Are they to have your dishes done before bed? Be realistic- no one can do it all. My priorities revolve around food and exercise… my bed is not made and my dishes are done when they get done.

  1. Plan ahead… there is no way around this one. In a pinch, you will have to make due and that often ends up being fast food. You can do better than that.
    1. Take 4 hours of a day and prep for the week. Or two different days – one to shop and one to prep. Buy the veggies, fruit, healthy meats.
    2. Have an idea of your week’s schedule… i.e. soccer from 5:30-7 pm on Tues and Thursday, piano on Wed from 3-4:30.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. “Can I come home and cook or do I need to stay during the practice?”
  2. Is the practice near the store that could be my designated shopping time?
  3. Should I cook on Sunday so I can just reheat on those days?
  4. Can I carpool, that way I can skip one direction and take that time to cook or prep?
  1. USE A CROCK POT!!!! After late night practices, you will have hot food ready at home instead of going to McDonalds or QDoba?
    Weeknight Pot Roast Recipe 
  2. Find some simple recipes that your family likes. Memorize them so you can easily throw them together as you do something else. I will frequently on Sunday (Sundays just seem to be my freest day – you find yours) cook 3-4 staples so we have it all week.
    Rosemary and Roasted Chicken 
    Crock Pot Chili Recipe 
    Stacys Soups 
  3. Pack a picnic everywhere you go. Have a great lunch box cooler, put snacks in there before you go (avocado, thermos of soup, epic bars) have a knife, fork and spoon in the box.
    Thermos Stainless Folding Spoon
    Aluminum Insulated  Lunch Box 

I pack my own oil with me so I don’t have to use the yucky pre-made salad dressings at the store.

  1. Easy store grabs: box of lettuce, avocado, lemon, wild caught cooked shrimp meat (from the fish section), olive oil and or coconut aminos. All into the box of the lettuce and voilà – shrimp salad in the car. (Remember your knife fork and spoon are already in your new cool lunchbox in your car.) Instead of shrimp, you could use Applegate turkey or ham.
  2. Find a good natural grocery store in town or a Whole Foods with a food bar for the days you don’t have it together (because it is impossible to have it all together all the time). Persuade your amazing little monkeys to get some roasted chicken and veggies vs the pizza or mac-n-cheese.
  3. Buy a roasted chicken from Whole Foods. YES, it’s pricier, but it is so much better for you, that it’s worth the extra. And for a family of 4 its cheaper than a meal at Chilies or Mexican or Chinese takeout.

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Think nutrient density- not just calories… pasta, potatoes, rice chips, pb&j. That is substance, not nutrients. You want all your calories to count towards improving your heath. A calorie is just a unit of energy. We are fortunate in that we don’t need calories but you and your kids need nutrition. You want not the calorie but the nutritional value of what you are eating. Don’t just get the kids or yourself something -get something that will do good for your body (veggies, clean meats, fruits, good fats see blog on nutritional density).

Let me reiterate… this is not simple and this will not save you time, but this will save your family’s health. I hope some of this can help you or at least make you stop and think of ways you can make changes very intentionally, not simply, that will benefit the health of your family.