Whether you’re an accomplished triathlete or a weekend warrior, athletic activities take a major toll on the body. People often suffer from recurring problems due to injuries that never achieved full recovery. We love to work with pediatric athletes so compensation patterns can be dealt with before the pain becomes a problem. Our therapists at Battle Born Health work with clients to identify the source of the injury and reverse compensation patterns that lead to chronic problems and to design custom recovery and proactive injury prevention programs, allowing you to regain and even surpass your previous level of performance.


Head to Toe Care

Battle Born Health covers all joints and muscles of the body and their issues—common and uncommon. We specialize in:

Headaches Low Back ACL Injury Prevention Balance Issues
TMJ Hip Plantar Fascia Recurrent injuries
­Neck Knees Athletic Injury Recovery Chronic Sprains & Strains
­Shoulder­ Ankles Sport-Specific Training Pregnancy

If you’ve been discharged from a traditional physical therapy center before your recovery allowed you to return to your favorite hobby or sport, or you’ve found that returning to activities after an injury has re-aggravated the problem, or you’ve been unsuccessful with previous physical therapy services, give us a call. We’ll work closely with you discover the root of the problem, develop a custom game plan, and see it through to recovery.

Battle Born Health welcomes anyone with a functional deficit who wants to do more than they currently can, and start to get stronger and move more freely right now. Our physical therapy doctors guide patients into a place of confidence and self-advocacy throughout their journey of recovery. Our treatments combat functional deficits like balance deficits, gait abnormalities, deficits due to stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, peripheral neuropathy, or autoimmune disease processes.