Jazz Fest Gastronomic Adventure

Jazz fest New Orleans. This was my 8th or 9th time to the festival, truly can’t remember but that is how NO visits go. ?

New Orleans is known for drinks, butter, cream, fried everything. That is the culture, and it’s GOOD! So how does a girl on an AIP diet survive there?

I was so anxious about my return to the city I loved to eat in. My memories of the fest always included crawfish monica (pasta and cream sauce) crawfish bread, bread pudding and sweet potato pie. It was a gastronomic adventure with my friends, and the goal was to taste it all! I always felt horrible for days after my trips.

This trip I prepped in advance, frozen broth to take on the plane, homemade sausages, zucchini apple muffins, sauerkraut, homemade beef jerky.  Crossing my fingers, I got on the plane.

I found a new gastronomic adventure.

We started with raw oysters on a half shell, fresh grated horseradish.  We found amazing quality restaurants. We met the wait staff and the chefs. I told the staff at each restaurant my plight, what I could and could not eat. The southern hospitality was amazing. Often the waiters would spend 5-10 minutes with me to make sure I was getting a meal that was prepared correctly. I would apologize for being difficult. Most of the time they would tell me it was not a problem, they were happy to accommodate me.

One restaurant, I met chef Frank he spent 15 min with me going through the menu to make sure “Miss Danielle has a good lunch” I felt so fortunate! The Duck confit was amazing something I would have never tried in my SAD days.

Anna was a hostess who had organically grown muslin (a vegetable I had never heard of) She spoke to the chef for me and they were able to specially sautée the veggies in avocado oil which paired perfectly with baked oysters.

At the festival, my favorites were off limits so I found crawfish, cracklin’ and sweet potato chips.

Dinner with my husband at an Italian restaurant we had duck liver pate with cucumber slices and pickled fennel OMG! AMAZING, again, something I would have never tried when I ate the standard American diet.  My fears continued to disappear with each incredible meal. I had a new adventure, and this process gave me a new understanding of Louisiana cooking and an appreciation of the kind service oriented people that cared for me while in their establishments.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet the wonderful servers and chefs I would have never met. On top of it all, I spent 5 days on vacation where I was unable to cook for myself and I felt great! No flare-ups no icky tummy and great energy for the entire vacation.

It showed me that I can travel, I can be away from the kitchen, and I can have an amazing trip with my family and friends. Being AIP is tough but it will not stop me from living my life to the fullest!

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