Our Vision

To nurture the community and its members to be proactive in their health. We empower our clients to return to the community after physical therapy with knowledge and the tools for sustained growth. We strive to develop a plan with each patient to provide an individualized structure that prevents them from falling back into their old, unwell routines.

Our Mission

Battle Born Health wants to create a rehabilitation experience that is different from other physical therapy clinics. It is not sick care, and we do not focus solely on the disability; it is an environment that allows you to work to better yourself. We evaluate the whole body to find the root of the problems then give you the tools and empower you to grow from where you are now, to be stronger than yesterday.

Our Philosophy

"We want our patients to feel comfortable putting themselves in our hands."

Reno physical therapist, Danielle Litoff is highly-trained health practitioners with a vision for a physical therapy center known for its quality of care and transformative outcomes. Danielle holds a doctorate degree in physical therapy, and has extensive certifications in the field.

Danielle built Battle Born Health on the principles of modern, proven medicine delivered with a timeless commitment to patient care and one-on-one relationships. She has developed custom treatment plans with each patient’s goals and abilities in mind.  Battle Born Health is committed to a treatment model that allows us to work with patients to discover the root causes of their injuries and pain, and to treat them thoroughly with the goal of regaining full function. That said, we don’t shy away from the hard work that’s required for successful physical therapy, and we encourage and support our patients in their equal dedication to their recovery and rehabilitation.




Our Owner

Danielle Litoff

Danielle Litoff

Physical Therapist


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